Secret Santa Tiny Mail Size Chocolate Packages

Over at LeafCutter Designs, she has Secret Santa Tiny Mail Size Chocolate Packages available for sending anonymously for you.

There are several wonderful Christmas goodies available at LeafCutter Designs for the 2019 Holidays including an adorable tiny Mini Mailbox for year-round mailing tiny letters.

Secret Santa Tiny Mail Size Chocolate Packages

First of all there are two options for how you want to order them, one is to have the shipping done for you individually, and the other is to have sent to you in bulk of six of them for you to do the mailing yourself (or for hand delivery, i.e. in stockings!)

“Surprise and delight friends and family with these anonymous tiny greetings from a “Secret Santa”: you! Inside, they’ll find a sweet treat: a delicious square of premium TCHO dark chocolate. Be as secretive as you like about your delivery, and reveal yourself as the “sender” whenever you’re ready.”

Next, the Mini Mailbox is adorable.

Furthermore, there are LeafCutterDesigns Tiny Mail Gift Certificates.  Have fun exploring the many unique letter-writing gift options while on the website.

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