Celebrate the Century 1920s stamps – The Roaring Twenties & Scavenger Hunts

It is fun seeing the Celebrate the Century 1920s stamps commemorating The Roaring Twenties, the years 1920-1929.  With the new decade of the 2020s, it is fun looking at the set depicting events from a century ago.

The stamps include the Radio Entertains America, Babe Ruth, The Great Gatsby, Prohibition, Women’s suffrage, Jazz, Charles Lindbergh, Black Thursday with the stock market crash of 1929, the Charleston, and Charles Lindbergh.

Celebrate the Century Scavenger Hunts!

Celebrate the Century Scavenger HuntsYou’ll want to check out the ten questions for the Celebrate the Century Scavenger Hunts at Education World for the 1920s stamps! I’m figuring this is a great refresher that brings the stories behind the stamps to life. 

Celebrate the Century 1920s The Roaring Twenties stamps

There are 15 stamps, and the one-ounce first-class postage rate at the time is showing 32 cents.

The range of pricing I’m seeing for them includes a mint condition sheet of 1998 set for less than $17 over at Mystic Stamps. And I’m seeing a listing for the full sheet of 15 at Amazon for less than $6.

Furthermore, the 1998 Fleetwood First Day Cover set of envelopes is available for $42.95, also at Mystic Stamp.  See you tomorrow for my Saturday blog post!

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P.S. And yes, see if you can find a DVD of the 1967 Julie Andrews movie, Thoroughly Modern Millie set in 1922, with Mary Tyler Moore, and Carol Channing. Check out on YouTube, Oct 8, 2017 featuring Julie Andrews Open End Interview “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (1967)

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Mystic Stamp USA-3184 – 1998 32c Celebrate the Century 1920s


Education World


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