First Day of Spring 2020 & blogging in midst of WP migration

It is the First Day of Spring 2020 and I’m always going to be remembering it as blogging while in the midst of WordPress server migration!

First, thank you for the participation already with showing interest in Piloting Virtual Letter Writing Gathering.  I’ll be sharing more on it in the very near future.

Secondly, hooray! I’m blogging to you from the new server. It is all behind the scenes for you.   Earlier today it has been meaning no access for me to actually post.  It is a huge relief to have this all done within one day – not impacting my blogging daily.

Celebrating First Day of Spring 2020

Earlier today at lunch Cooper and I were outside exploring and he was pointing at all of the BIRDS within view!

This photo is from my March 7, 2015 blog post on Spring Ahead.  It is of a photo I had taken back in May 2012 and is still one of my favorites.

Anchors Aweigh,  


Spring Ahead



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