Letter Writing Musings March 11 2020

Letter Writing Musings March 11 is the title I came up with for today’s blog post.  First, a quick reminder there is still time for getting St. Patrick’s Day cards and notes off into the mail.

Currently, I’m in the midst of designing a sign for an upcoming event with an arrow. While the text will be different than what I’m showing here today, it got me thinking about the continuing to put pen to paper, and that it’s an ongoing process. 

Letter Writing MusingsPerhaps with wanting to find “me time” there is a book that comes to mind from last year.

Time seems to be the elusive item for organizing ourselves, at least it can be for me.

With that said, and also if you are new to my daily blog, this is a link to my blog posts on Work Clean – The Daily Meeze and Work Clean book by Dan Charnas from this time last year. It is time for me to pull them out and get reacquainted with them.

Before closing, please know how much it means to the recipient when we’ve made the time for sending an encouraging letter – it does make a difference. Talk about a motivating incentive for staying organized!  See you tomorrow.

Anchors Aweigh,  


Letter Writing Musings March 11, 2020 Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

Work Clean book

AnchoredScraps blog posts: Work Clean – The Daily Meeze and Work Clean book by Dan Charnas



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