Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Bloomin Thanks A Bunch Seed Paper Greeting Cards & Today is #1888

The Bloomin Thanks A Bunch Seed Paper Greeting Cards look like a great Mother’s Day gift option! And with a bit of whimsy, I’m seeing today is #1888 AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post! We continue to be en route to Milestone #1900 and onward to 2000 later in August.

Bloomin Thanks A Bunch Seed Paper Greeting CardsBloomin Thanks A Bunch Seed Paper Greeting Cards

First, this looks to be an especially great idea for Mother’s Day timing, especially since one can order at Amazon and have it drop-shipped directly to Mom, thereby reducing the time of having it shipped to you and then you to her.

Next, there are 8 cards in the pack and is listing at $27.50 for the set.

  • “SEED PAPER GREETING CARDS – Bloomin has perfected the centuries-old process of embedding seeds in paper to make cards that will actually grow into flowers when planted, watered and cared for!
  • EASY TO GROW – Directions are easy to follow and printed on every card. Just soak card overnight, tear up, plant under a thin layer of soil, and water gently and regularly until seedlings sprout.”

AnchoredScraps #1888 Daily Blog Post Today

In looking at this recap listing below, I am seeing the passage of time seeing these previous posts with 8 in the AnchoredScraps daily blog post counting!

Lastly, Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away. Go ahead now and get a card into the mail and you’ll be so glad to be ahead of the timeline! (And yes, this is my reminder to myself to get mine out tomorrow in the mail, Tuesday!)

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Bloomin Thanks A Bunch Seed Paper Greeting Cards

We are en-route to AnchoredScraps daily blog post #2000 on August 17, 2020!


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