Suay Face Mask Sewing Pattern

The Suay Face Mask Sewing Pattern 2020 is available online for free! It is hard to believe it is Maundy Thursday already. 

Today is a follow-up to my Tuesday blog post this week “On sewing DIY Face Masks to give away” which included referencing the Suay Sew Shop mask.

It is great reading since Tuesday, the Suay Face Mask Sewing Pattern is posted in pdf format.  The instructions are fantastic which I will be printing off today for my personal copy and use. 

The 10 page PDF contains “step by step pattern/instructions for making your own ~N95 masks”.

Variation A: Self, Lining (Using Filter Material), Elastic, Nose Clip
Variation B: Self, Lining, Filter Pocket, Filter Insert, Elastic, Nose Clip”

It lists the materials and tools, construction instructions, Suay Pro Tips on “Choosing Your Fabrics, Fold Over Elastic vs. Bias Cut Knits, and The Importance of Using Trim That Stretches“; Wear and Care, with showing two typing options, Washing Your Mask, Testing, and the pattern. Wow!

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Maundy Thursday 2020

In case you are new to my blog (and/or just for easy reference), here is a link to two of my previous Maundy Thursday blog posts:

In closing, as is my tradition here, with this being Maundy Thursday, I’m closing today’s post without my usual signature Anchor closing. I will resume doing so on Sunday’s post with celebrating Easter.  See you tomorrow for Good Friday.


Attribution & Thank you to the following who I am referencing today

Suay Sew Shop Face Mask Pattern

PeakProsperity How We’ll Get Through The Coronavirus Debacle blog post by Adam Taggart, Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 8:34 PM; see comment #11 excerpt “It’s Out! The Suay Shop Sewing Pattern” by Chris Martenson, Wed, Apr 08, 2020 – 6:04 am





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