Bicentennial First Day of Issue 1976 cachet covers

The Bicentennial First Day of Issue 1976 cachet covers is our kickoff on this Happy July 4th, 2020!

If you are new to my daily blog, my letter writing enthusiasm includes stamps and stamp collecting. They are part of my interests with putting pen to paper in our correspondence. In preparing for this year’s 4th of July blog post (this is my sixth year to be writing one!) I realized I had not included the Bicentennial. 

Bicentennial First Day of Issue 1976 cachet covers
Classic First Day Cover 200th anniversary birth of American Independence at Mystic Stamp

Bicentennial First Day of Issue 1976 cachet covers

It continues to amaze me the availability of being able to purchase for a nominal amount cachet envelope covers such as the ones we are looking at today.

For example, the first cachet I’m showing above is $3.50 at Mystic Stamp. 

Below are the other three Bicentennial First Day of Issue 1976 cachet covers. 

The Colorano Silk First Day Cover envelope cachet is listed for $4.50.

The Fleetwood First Day Cover cachet with Thomas Jefferson is listing for $5.

This Fleetwood First Day Cover contains Plate Block and lists for $4.50.

If you were having to choose only one (because of budget) which one would you be choosing? Care to guess which one I’m leaning towards getting?

AnchoredScraps July 4th blog posts

In addition to today’s July 4th blog post, I’m including this look-back for the past five years blog posts I have written on this day along with links to them. 

Thank you for joining me today! On an aside, Cooper is happily over at Pawville this weekend although we missed getting his 4th of July photo with them this year.

We are off to go to the backyard and watch the fireworks (about 5 to 6 of them) on the horizon from our backyard!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


P.S. Today is daily blog post #1956, we continue our trek to milestone #2000 on August 17, 2020!

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Mystic Stamp #1691-94 – 1976 13c Declaration of Independence




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