Birds House & Lake SnailMail Postcard Views Genuine Souvenir & Wilmington Philatelic Society Reports A New N.C. Postmark

You will love seeing both the Birds House & Lake SnailMail Postcard Views of the Genuine Souvenir celebrating 2000 consecutive Anchored Scraps Blog post. My sincere thanks to Jimmy, and Vicki for their photos.

If you are new to my blog, shortly after beginning this blog I joined the Wilmington Philatelic Society (WPS). Jimmy is one of my stamp club buddies. Over the past five 1/2 years, Jimmy has made so many helpful contributions to this blog!  So imagine the joy in learning upon receiving his genuine souvenir postcard, he did some research on it. It was mailed from the Surf City, N.C. Post Office. 

Wilmington Philatelic Society Reports A New N.C. Postmark

The following excerpt is from the email he sent to the WPS club on 8/20/2020. 

“The stamp was canceled with a Surf City (Onslow County) NC hand stamped postmark of a type I had not seen before. A scan of the postmark was submitted to Dick Winter, the Editor of the North Carolina Postal History Society’s Postmark Catalog, as a possible new (unreported) mark. Dick’s reply stated that it is “indeed a new postmark for the catalog”. This is the 8th editorial change to the catalog submitted by the WPS this year.

There is no need to call me out for saying that Surf City is in Onslow County. I know that it is physically in Pender County but as far as the USPS and the NCPHS Postmark Catalog is concerned, it is in Onslow County. This is because Surf City is a rural station of the Holly Ridge NC post office and Holly Ridge is in Onslow county… Topsail Beach is also listed in Onslow County for the same reason.”

It then continues with details about the day date “12” being up-side-down in the postmark, and about how that can happen. 

Thank you for joining me today for SnailMail Postcard Views. In conclusion, see if the postmarks on your arriving mail may have something noticeable on it too! Here’s to a great day ahead. Join me tomorrow for my Sunday blog post.

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