Calendar planning outlook – keeping up with analog & digital entries

Calendar planning outlook (goal setting!) is greeting us on this Thursday morning!

It was bound to happen, using different devices for making calendar entries and not synchronizing them. If you have ever had the feeling you were supposed to be somewhere but could not find your notes, then you know how I was feeling earlier this week on Monday. While I kept checking everywhere, somehow I missed connecting with a friend who we had pre-arranged the time. Fortunately, and thankfully my friend was flexible and truly understood! This found me saying to myself I have to do a better job with keeping up with multiple entry points to my calendar! And so here we are this morning with this unique blog post topic.

Calendar planning outlook - keeping up with analog & digital entries

It is day #1996 as we continue closing in on #2000 Milestone Daily Blog Post on August 17, 2020. 

Calendar planning outlook – keeping up with analog & digital entries

When looking at my calendar planning outlook – I see I still have what I call my hybrid approach with my day planner being paper and the occasional writing on the back of an envelope too (analog), and also with entries on smart devices and notes (digital). 

One of the key items I am reminding myself is for whenever something becomes a calendar commit to STOP and make the entry and be consistent with where putting it! It is also great on a monthly basis to check who has a birthday coming up and pulling cards together with addresses right then so its ready and just waiting for the outgoing date allowing for a lead time of mailing.

Which brings us to mapping out the upcoming future with our goal setting. Looking ahead, I find viewing the outlook by day, week, month, quarter, half-year, etc helps with declaring what to get done within those time frames.

With us approaching Milestone #2000 consecutive days of blogging here at AnchoredScraps, plans are to continue blogging daily. Over the horizon, I’m seeing the unique timing we will be having #2020 IN the year 2020! This will be in early September. At which point, the next milestone to be notating will be the Anniversary of 6 years on February 26, 2021.

Thank you again for continuing to be on this daily journey with me! How can it already be Thursday? See you tomorrow as we head into the weekend. And here’s to going and rounding up paper and email entries with dates in them!

 Anchors Aweigh,  


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