Prayers for Laura

Prayers for Laura is my new title for this morning. 

Dear AnchoredScraps Readers,

This morning I’m including this post, after having already written one earlier today (which I will post another day). Looking at the news right now and reading about the huge historic Hurricane Laura hitting Louisiana and Texas finds me at a loss for words.

We have had our home hit twice by hurricanes in the past two years. With Florence and Isaias, they have given a glimpse into the impact of them. However, I know they will pale in comparison, especially with the anticipated catastrophic storm surge of Laura.

I’ve gone back and found this previous post written during Lent, which I’m including a link to it this morning: “Writing to God: 40 Days of Praying with My Pen”, March 12, 2019.

In the midst of all the uncertainty today, if I can help by listening, please know I’m here. I know many of us have family and friends or know someone who lives in that area. 

I’m closing with an expression I use with Cooper at times,

With Paws Crossed in Prayers,









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