Two Weeks to Labor Day, Thrifty Office Furniture, & Dollar Tree White Cardboard Trifold Presentation Board

This morning finds us Two Weeks to Labor Day! We are kicking off this Monday including a link over to some really cool desk and office tool options with a sale going on at Thrifty Office Furniture (say hello to Mark!). Furthermore, I share why I love my Dollar Tree White Cardboard Trifold Presentation Board. Today is a follow up from my post last Friday on goal setting for the 3rd Quarter. 

Two Weeks to Labor Day

Thrifty Office Furniture

It has been almost exactly five years (August 19, 2015) since writing my blog post on Evoluent Ergonomic Mouse & (counting the blog post days). In it referencing Thrifty Office and how much help they had been to set up my office desk environment. It includes the wonderful Symmetry Dual Monitor Arm for the two monitors from them. 

Fast forward and this morning, the timing is perfect to mention check out Thrifty Office Furniture Flash Student Desk. Their email came into my inbox Friday after already posting my blog earlier that day. I actually have a similar desk to the one showing that I picked up last year at a vintage store that had been painted and overhauled. If you are new to my daily blog, I have no vested interest in referring you – I am just a very happy customer of Thrifty Office Furniture – and have been for over five years at the Wilmington, NC location with Mark Boyd, they have locations in Raleigh and Burlington too. The customer service is great! 

The wording on their email shares: “Let Thrifty Office Furniture Help You Make Your Space Productive With Our Wide Selection Of New Closeouts And Used Furniture!”

Image Thrifty Office Furniture Flash Student Desk, OFM Student Stack Chair

Another image Thrifty Office Furniture (Quartet Frameless Magnetic Whiteboard, Quartet Magnetic DryErase Board)

Dollar Tree White Cardboard Trifold Presentation Board

In addition, recently I picked up a Dollar Tree White Cardboard Trifold Presentation Board, 27.25×39.25 in.

With all of the parallel project deliverables I have right now to COMPLETE prior to the end of September, I’m looking forward to having one timeline on the left, one in the middle, and another on the right. And yes, I’m looking at pulling out the yellow sticky tabs, markers, color pencils, and tape while I’m at it – call it an ode to analog with timelines. I want to be able to keep it front and center here at my desk (and I’ll keep it out of reach of Cooper’s ‘helpful’ paws and nose!)

Dollar Tree White Cardboard Trifold Presentation Boards, 27.25x39.25 in.
Image Dollar Tree White Cardboard Trifold Presentation Boards, 27.25×39.25 in. 


In closing, this is the last FULL week for getting things done in August. It really is two weeks to Labor Day. It is a great time to tackle that list of items that have been considering and ‘meaning’ to get done this year. Here’s to a great week ahead! See you tomorrow as we get RoundTuit Tuesday!

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