2020 in 2020 Milestone brings big news to the blog!

Thank you for joining me for “2020 in 2020 Milestone Brings Big News to the Blog!” on this Sunday morning. It is a joy to be celebrating AnchoredScraps Milestone #2020 consecutive daily blog post today, on September 06, 2020!

First, my sincere thanks to Richard Porcelli for creating the cachet, 2020 Blogs in 2020. It is included with today’s blog post title card. It is based on Knock Knock comic by Bob Dunn published in 1936, “A long time ago...”  Thank you, Richard!

Furthermore, for my WordPress buddies (& who are email blog subscribers here), they will immediately recognize the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Post” screen that is in the background.

My thanks again for all of the postcard souvenir photos that were sent in for #2000 Milestone. It has been a lot of fun including them with the blog.  The roofers began the process yesterday of putting in the new roof. It is hard to believe August 4 was a month ago when writing my post on Hurricane IsaiasI am planning on doing some letter writing this weekend. Will be putting into the outgoing mail on Tuesday, given no mail Monday with Labor Day.

2020 in 2020 Milestone Brings Big News to the Blog!

With today’s Milestone #2020, it finds the Project Manager in me recognizing this chapter and phase of posting daily has been a treasure and wonderful journey. There are many exciting things going on behind the scenes with projects and activities I have underway, alongside future business plans. With that said, I am taking a two-week vacation and will be back on Sunday, September 20th with some big announcements! I’m excited about the future and the next phase with AnchoredScraps and I know you will be too. 

See you back here on September 20th!

Anchors Aweigh,  


In celebration of milestone blogpost #2020 in 2020 AnchoredScraps  

2020 in 2020 Milestones brings big news to the blog_AnchoredScraps #2020
My sincere thanks to Richard Porcelli for creating the cachet, 2020 Blogs in 2020



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