Letters mingle souls 1974 cachet

Receiving my very own Letters mingle souls 1974 cachet as a surprise gift was so much fun receiving it.  Earlier this month at the Wilmington Philatelic Society, it was given to me by stamp club buddy Tim.

Instantly upon receiving it I knew it would be the perfect topic for closing out the month of September for today’s blog post! 

“Famous Works of Art” stamp series celebrating Universal Postal Union Centennial Anniversary 1974 10c

In 1974, the United States celebrated the centennial anniversary of the U.P.U. with a set of eight U.S. commemoratives that stress the importance of letter writing. All the stamps feature famous works of art from around the world …”

"The eight stamps feature the theme of writing and reading letters. The design of each stamp was taken from paintings done by international artists."

Letters mingle souls 1974 cachet_AnchoredScraps Blog Post #2024

Letters mingle souls 1974 cachet

Photo of Helen’s Letters mingle souls 1974 cachet

The image of my cachet is one of eight in the collection; one for each of the eight stamps in the “Famous Works of Art” stamp series

“Briefschreiberin (Lady Writing a Letter) was painted by Dutch artist Gerard Terborch circa 1654.”

Next, you probably recognize some of the paintings. The artists in the series are Thomas Gainsborough, Francisco de Goya, Jean-Étienne Liotard, John Fredrick Peto, one is credited to Raphael, Katsushika Hokusai, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, and Gerard Terborch.

Lastly, it continues to amaze me that one can get the entire set of corresponding cachets #1530-37 1974 10c Universal Postal Union Fleetwood First Day Cover Set for $22.95 over at Mystic Stamp. Again, my sincere thanks to Tim for picking up the cachet for me introducing me to yet another way of stamp collecting highlighting letter writing! Consider something like this as a thoughtful gift for your letter writing pen pal buddy and anyone you can think of who loves to get snail mail!

September found us with a new chapter as AnchoredScraps begins a new blog posting schedule of Sundays & Wednesdays

Today’s monthly recap now makes the 67th consecutive monthly blog recap – albeit today’s is about a recap of changes introduced this month to the blog. 

We started the month with daily blog post #2015 on September 01, and on September 6th my post was on  2020 in 2020 Milestone brings big news to the blog! In the post I shared I was taking a two week vacation, my first ever digital break from the blog since beginning over five and a half years ago and on September 20 would return with some more news! On September 20, my post was on Leaving the Safety of the Cocoon & Thinking of You Week 2020. In it I announced a new schedule of blogging twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesdays.

It continues to be a joy to be here and continue on this blog journey with you. There are so many exciting things going on and I am very excited about the future. While I sincerely miss the daily routine of posting here, I know this is the right path as I am taking on bigger goals. 

Tomorrow begins the month of October 2020 and kicks off the fourth quarter! On a personal note, I am finding myself consistently getting more sleep and writing more snail mail letters! Cooper is doing great! In addition, it looks like as of today, we’ve decided on the back porch replacement; it is part of the clean up items on our list from Hurricane Isaias back in August. 

I’m really excited about my Sunday blog post already under construction.  Here’s to facing those items on our to-do list and goals list needing to get done! See you back here on Sunday morning!

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Attribution & Thanks USPS, Mystic Stamp, Wilmington Philatelic Society

P.S. I’ll be adding as an addendum the listing of all the September below in keeping with the format for monthly recap as in previous months and closing out having a formal recap in the blog of posts, will still have it but done a little differently.



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