Discovering The Fountain Pen Quest Blog

On this last Sunday of the month, I’m sharing about discovering The Fountain Pen Quest blog by Ray Newbery; last month celebrating their 8th year blog anniversary!

I’m hoping with it being Sunday (and perhaps a few extra minutes than during the workweek) you will be able to spend a few minutes with me exploring the site, especially if you have ANY interest in learning (more) about fountain pens!

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One of the first things one notices is the beautiful collection of seven Header Image Pens which randomly rotates.

Discovering The Fountain Pen Quest Blog

Next, the organization makes it easy to navigate, and I really love the Ink Notes Index listing of his current 5 favorite inks. And third, in My Accumulation, it focuses on “Pens and Esterbrook Nibs (31 of them!”)

Furthermore, the FPQuest Resources & Links page includes his listing of “ENTHUSIASTIC USERS (A.K.A MY PERSONAL FAVORITES) which he limits to showing 24.  This is followed by the PEN AND STATIONERY BLOGS listing.

Be sure to check out the Categories listing.

Currently Inked
Fountain Pen Accessories
Fountain Pen Review
Ink and Pen Notes
Ink Notes
Links and Notes
Pen Notes
This Just In
Trail Log
What I Use”

And there is also the “Other Posts I Liked” listing blogroll  If you have been reading my blog, you will know immediately how happy I am to see on the About page a real snail mail address for corresponding!

In closing, if you are wanting to explore fountain pens this looks like a fantastic place to bookmark. And it is great seeing the snail mail address for corresponding to Conn!

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