Papercut Illustrations Art Postcards by Sarah Trumbauer Creatives

The Papercut Illustrations Art Postcards by Sarah Trumbauer we are looking at today. My order of them arrived just this past week of the five unique art postcards. Finding them from searching for examples of Scherenschnitte inspired paper cutting is how I came across them. I was searching for sharing with a client the idea of infusing the design and influence of the “Pennsylvania Dutch” Folk Art. Furthermore, when I was remembering years ago about the German art of paper cutting I thought the shapes in these postcards really pretty.

I am looking forward to sending them out shortly! 

 Papercut Illustrations Art Postcards

The floral patterns in the postcard prints of Original Papercut Illustrations are high gloss postcards. 

Papercut Illustrations Art Postcards by Sarah Trumbauer Creatives

In looking at her Etsy site, Sarah Trumbauer Creatives does offer Original Papercuts. I’m seeing among the items carrying it includes personalized prints, necklaces, greeting cards, notebooks, mugs, and ornaments. The banner image from her Etsy Shop I’m including here, it is clickable linking to see the Papercut Illustration. 

“All of my papercuts are original designs, handcut from acid-free paper using an x-acto knife. I’m inspired by nature (especially flowers and leaves,) art nouveau, children’s stories and fairy tales, and lots more.”

Sarah Trumbauer Creatives

While I do not know if I ordered her last set of the postcards, (think there is one more set of them!) – I do know she has several other sets out there available for ordering.   

It is hard to believe when we are back here on Wednesday it will be for celebrating my SIX YEAR BLOG ANNIVERSARY!  Until then, enjoy exploring the different papercutting postcard options out there. Here’s to a GREAT week ahead – and please stay warm!

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Attribution & Thank you to Papercut Art by Sarah Trumbauer Creatives Etsy

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