Cooper’s 2021 Easter Greetings

Having this photo for Cooper’s 2021 Easter Greetings is perfect timing for us today!  

Three years ago we were looking at Cooper’s Easter Greetings 2018, on April 1, that year.   In writing today’s Easter blog post, I am cognizant this is my seventh Easter blog post to write on Easter day!  Later this month Cooper turns five years old.

Coopers 2021 Easter Greetings

My thanks to Pawville for the Easter photo of Cooper today! 

Last year on Easter Sunday, I recall watching Andrea Bocelli Easter Sunday Live Music for Hope on YouTube, the world broadcast was fantastic and I appreciated being able to replay it several times.

AnchoredScraps Previous Easter Greetings Blog Posts Since 2015

Below is a listing with header images for my previous Easter blog posts, especially helpful if you are new to my blog or wanting to go back and enjoy reading again.

This photo taken by Helen, August 2004 when in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as part of a team for work and while there for a week was able to visit Corcovado, The statue of Christ the Redeemer.

  • April 16, 2017, Happy Easter 2017 – The Women of Easter book by Liz Curtis Higgs

Before closing Cooper’s 2021 Easter Greetings, I’m reflecting this is my first Easter here to have not also blogged Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and on Saturday heading into Easter. As you know last September I moved from blogging daily for 2020 consecutive days, to a schedule of blogging twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. Furthermore, with this weekend as an example, it does find me missing blogging daily. It causes me to pause, and perhaps next year I’ll opt to blog the entire Easter weekend from Thursday to Sunday; however, I also know the  journey I’m continuing to unfold by Leaving the Safety of the Cocoon is exciting with some really amazing things coming here at AnchoredScraps in the future. It’s the time factor of juggling it all and by just twice a week it is affording the new items in development. So I appreciate getting to share the reflections here with you on our blog journey together. 

The weather today has been glorious and hoping this finds you having had a joyous Happy Easter 2021! 

Here’s to a great month ahead – including this reminder it is National Letter Writing Month April 2021.  See you back here on Wednesday!


AnchoredScraps #2078

Thanks to Pawville SurfCity North Carolina Excellent Dog Boarding Kennel for 2021 photo April 04 of Cooper
Images of each previous header images showing above are listed at their respective blog posts



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