Shrine of St Patrick 2021 Pictorial Postmark

The Shrine of St Patrick 2021 Pictorial Postmark is available for requesting by mail the entire month of March, out of Kahoka, MO.

If you are new to my blog, even though I began blogging in February 2015, it was not until after joining my local stamp club in April 2015 and subsequently, learning about Pictorial Postmarks that I began sharing about this one in 2016: St. Patricks Day Special Fancy Postmarks (March 4, 2016)Shrine of St. Patrick 2021 Pictorial Postmark #2073

To begin with the location: “St. Patrick, MO is a small village located in the southeast part of Jackson Township in Clark County, Missouri.”

Next, the information is available for requesting in the USPS Postal Announcement 22566 (2-25-2021).

“The Shrine of St. Patrick sponsors the pictorial postmark and sells the envelopes.”

This is the address for requesting from  March 1–31, 2021.

Shrine of St. Patrick
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Station
111 West Commercial Street
Kahoka, MO 63445-9998

Shrine of St Patrick 2021 Pictorial Postmark

Furthermore, this information on the Shrine of St. Patrick 2021 Pictorial Postmark Cancellation and Envelope is from the Shrine of Saint Patrick website on their News & Events page.  

“The Shrine of St. Patrick would like to present the 2021 Special Pictorial Cancellation and Envelope that will be available for purchase from March 1st thru March 31st. Both the Envelope and the Cancellation celebrate the Irish Tree of Life symbol which honors the importance of family and heritage.
The envelope can be purchased for $2.00 each and includes the envelope, postage, insert with an Irish greeting, and the cachet stamping of “St. Patrick, Mo. – The Only One In The World”.
By sending your mailing list to the Shrine of St. Patrick, P.O. Box 34, St. Patrick, Mo. 63466, the ladies of the Shrine will prepare your envelopes and provide them to the St. Patrick Post Office for mailing. If you would like your envelopes mailed on a certain day, please provide that information…”

It continues sharing about it dating from 1936 with the first cachet developed and welcoming your requesting and beginning an annual tradition.

Before closing, it is fascinating reading about the volume of mail it receives for the cancel.   “The volume of mail continues to increase- over 20,000 letters from also states and many foreign countries were postmarked with the pictorial cancel in March, 2000 – all with a hand stamp. Thousands of specially designed envelopes and postcards are sold each year. Artists donate their time designing and drawing the envelope and pictorial postmark.”

Hope you are having a Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2021!   

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