Writing Letters from the Heart

Writing Letters from the Heart, our blog post title today, I can see swapping out the word “Letters” with “blog posts”.  So Writing Blog Posts from the Heart parallels what I’m thinking with Writing Letters from the Heart.

Dear AnchoredScraps blog reader,
Writing today’s blog post I’m finding very hard to do and my heart is just not in posting a survey today.  Instead, I’m sharing how truly wistful I am learning this past Friday our dear sweet stamp club member Gene passed away.  

If you are new to my blog, I’m a member of the Wilmington Philatelic Society. It is a natural tie in with letter writing, joining the WPS shortly after beginning this blog in 2015.  In my blog post on October 21, 2020 I recall the joy of writing about her: Celebrating Gene Stamp Decoupage – It’s National Stamp Collecting Month. She was previously club secretary for many years.

Photo of Gene at WPS 2019 Christmas Dinner, where she was presented with her Lifetime Member Award

Over the past six years it has been wonderful meeting and seeing Gene! At age 94 years young her energy level kept me in awe!  She had 32 years on me and I always found her inspiring.

Remembering Gene

You know the person who lit up a room with the twinkle in their eye?  That was Gene!  I am having a newfound enthusiasm and interest now in having oatmeal!  I still recall on our first road trip over to the Myrtle Beach Stamp Show that she shared she ate oatmeal every day.  It was one of those conversations you know where you are trying to find the secret morsel of success for such a long and active life.  So hearing her tell me she ate oatmeal every day (at least this is the way I’m recalling the conversation) is finding me having a new interest in it! 

More importantly though she really got onto me about not sleeping enough.  On our next road trip she asked how the sleep was going and again, I had the same excuses. She truly stressed to me how important it is to consistently get your sleep. 

Celebrating Gene Stamp Decoupage - It's National Stamp Collecting MonthWith all of this said, I’m very grateful to have gotten to see her in person at our last stamp club meeting in person last October. It was our last one at my favorite meeting site, Scrap & Design.  She was instrumental in us having a home to meet at the Presbyterian Church in Wilmington prior to it being sold. We then were meeting at Scrap & Design until it sadly closed this past December. While we are currently without a meeting location to meet, the club continues our quest to find a meeting location.

Writing Letters from the Heart

I’m so glad I wrote the post on Gene last October and did not wait until a later time. Thank you for being here with me and for being on this journey with me. In the meantime, I encourage you to make the time to write the letter(s) you’ve been meaning to send.
For me, tomorrow I’ll be writing a few notes to some of the stamp club members; there were several who were very close to her and are missing her terribly. Even though the clock feels earlier than it is given it has been Daylight Savings weekend, and with a nod to Gene and her past gentle admonishments – I’m off to get some sleep!

Wishing you a good week ahead. Rest assured, we will resume our March focus with the series of surveys we are doing this month. I’ll see you back here on Wednesday, St. Patrick’s Day!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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