Star Wars Droids Stamps Arriving May 4th

Reading about the Star Wars Droids Stamps Arriving May 4th has me smiling, especially recognizing C-3PO and R2-D2! See if you already recognize why May 4 is the day for its arrival!  I still enjoy the Postcard Book Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie which I was sharing as a class handout at a WordCamp a few years ago!

See if you can recognize the recurring May 4th date reason in these previous blog posts here at AnchoredScraps.

Star Wars Droids Stamps Arriving May 4th

There are 10 designs of the new Forever stamps and worth noting: “The Star Wars Droids commemorative pane of 20 stamps may not be split and the stamps may not be sold individually.”

“With 10 dazzling new stamps, the Postal Service salutes Star Wars Droids and the imagination that brings these helpful, technological marvels to the screen. Representing more than four decades of innovation and storytelling, the droids featured are:








Gonk Droid,

2-1B Droid, and


The characters are shown against backgrounds representing settings of memorable adventures…”

The entire stamp announcement can be read here, including details for requesting First Day of Issue postmark.  “Customers have 120 days to obtain the first-day-of-issue postmark by mail. “

So back to the question at the beginning of this post. My first year blogging here, included sharing about “May the Fourth be With You!” for May 4 and Star Wars fans, #StarWarsDay.  

In looking at all of the Star Wars Droids in the upcoming new stamps has me aware I have not been keeping up with all of the characters over the years. For me, hearing Star Wars will always evoke the memory of watching the opening sequence of Star Wars Episode IV in 1977 at the movie theater while in college! Recalling the first time you saw one of the Star Wars movies is something for reminiscing in our letter writing! Perfect timing especially since April is National Letter Writing Month!

There is less than a month away to the new stamps and we can go ahead and pre-order them now, over at the USPS Postal Store #577604, $11.00 for the sheet of 20, enjoy! See you back here on Sunday!

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