April Showers Bring … Paper Flower Cards and Envelopes The Art of Mary Delany

The beautiful Paper Flower Cards and Envelopes: The Art of Mary Delany brings to mind thoughts of April Showers Bring May Flowers!  

Over at the British Museum blog they have a post from  March 2019 on Late bloomer: the exquisite craft of Mary Delany. One of the things I love is reading the following:

… “Surprisingly, the story starts when the artist was 72, after she noticed the similarity between a geranium and a piece of red paper that was on her bedside table. The realisation prompted Delany to pick up a pair of scissors and imitate the petals in paper.” …

Their blog post has some beautiful images of her work and this especially caught my attention finding her very inspiring.

“Delany made nearly a thousand of these incredible works of art and science before failing eyesight forced her to hang up her scissors in 1783 after ten years of dedication to her floral masterpieces…”

And you can view at the British Museum Collection search for Mary Delany has 1,005 results! 

Furthermore, over at the cooperhewitt shop ISBN:9781616899486 we read about how she created her art.

“Eighteenth-century British artist Mary Delany created each piece by cutting and layering tiny pieces of paper on black ink backgrounds. “

April Showers Bring …. Paper Flower Cards and Envelopes The Art of Mary Delany

I’m seeing the publisher, Princeton Architectural Press, came out with it last September 2020.  The stationery set comes in a box of 12 flat cards and envelopes. It lists for $16.95, with the box measuring 7.1 x 5.8 x 1.9 in.

Over at the The New York Public Library Shop it includes: “Printed on thick, textured paper, the set features sunflowers, rhododendron, cornflower, water lilies, and more.” (Note: their Member Price is listing it at 15.26).

Before wrapping up, a big welcome to our newest email blog subscriber! Here’s to a great week ahead as we approach the middle of April 2021, National Letter Writing Month! I’m hoping should you find yourself with some rain this week to think of the beautiful Paper Flower Cards and Envelopes The Art of Mary Delany!  See you back here on Wednesday!

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With thanks and attribution to The British Museum Blog, NYPL Shop, CooperHewitt each with referencing links including above.

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