On sending personalized Fathers Day Wooden Postcard by EleganceinStyle

With a week to go, we are looking at this option for sending personalized Fathers Day Wooden Postcards. I’ve been wanting to find a letter-writing-themed Father’s Day gift idea and so happy to find EleganceinStyle. They are offering free shipping for their unique keepsake gift and still showing able to arrive in time for Fathers Day from their Texas location – I’m presuming this is for within the U.S. We have several email blog subscribers here whose locations include Canada, England, and Australia.

On sending personalized fathers day wooden postcard by EleganceinStyle

First, the 4 x 6 inch wooden postcards are 1/8 inches thick and are hand-finished made of birch plywood.  Because it arrives with its own free stand your gift can be kept out on display.

On sending personalized Fathers Day Wooden Postcard by EleganceinStyle

In addition, there are two different listings of their Father’s Day Wooden Postcard I’m seeing – one says “Happy Fathers Day” (as shown in the blog post title card for today).
And the other says “You’re an amazing Dad”.

Images © EleganceinStyle Etsy

They each offer two styles, one for personalization on the right side only, or opting for custom design to have besides personalizing the right side for the message, also to show something different instead of the poem shown on the left side.   

Furthermore, there are other occasions that are also available for their different offerings of Greeting Card Keepsake Postcards.

Lastly, here is theEleganceinStyle Personalized Gifts Etsy Shop Link.  Have fun checking out the site including exploring all of their Father’s Day personalized gifts.

Reminders: Flag Day 2021 is June 14 – which is also the 246th Birthday for the U.S. Army

Before closing, tomorrow is U.S. Flag Day 2021, June 14.  For one of our very special email blog subscribers here at AnchoredScraps, I would be remiss if I did not also share June 14, 2021, is the U.S. Army Birthday – it’s 246th! 

For those of you new to my blog, I’m including this previous blog post from June 14, 2016, Flag Day 2016 with Francis Scott Key Letter.

Moving forward, also this week, on Tuesday it will find us halfway through the month of June! There is a little over two weeks prior to closing out June, closing out the second quarter, and with it the first half of 2021! Six months from now we will be closing in on the Christmas Holidays in full focus. This finds me with a big push on wrapping up the month and looking closely at goals, and milestones.  Stay tuned!

See you back here on Wednesday!

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