2021 National Baseball Hall of Fame Pictorial Postmark DATE

It is interesting the USPS Postal Bulletin is showing the 2021 National Baseball Hall of Fame Pictorial Postmark is showing today’s date of July 25, 2021, for the Induction Ceremony.  YET, over at the National Baseball Hall of Fame website, it is showing the 2021 Induction Ceremony is an UPCOMING event, moved to September 8th.

Wow! The next issue of the USPS Postal Bulletin arrives later this week; I will be on the lookout to see if this postmark has an UPDATE listing.

In a previous Hall of Fame Event Updates page, February 12, 2021, they were saying at that time, the Induction Ceremony was going to have it on July 25, 2021. As listed above in my opening paragraph, with the Covid-19 uncertainties the date has been moved to September 8th.   

National Baseball Hall of Fame Pictorial Postmark – will it be updated to the moved date of September 8th

There are a couple of reasons for my interest in this pictorial postmark.  The first reason is I have become accustomed to blogging about the Pictorial Postmark for the National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Day for several years, beginning with one in 2016, then in 2017, again in 2018, and in 2019. With the event canceled last year due to the pandemic I did not have a blog post on it.

Another reason for my interest is, with stamp collecting, it seems that when there are exceptions to what was planned with stamp production then that something can become more wanted, (I’m putting this in my own words here), so I’m really looking forward to thoughts on it from my stamp club buddies. So with that said, IF one were able to send off for the postmark, and receive it, even though the event is moved to another date – I’m thinking that would be different. 

So, perhaps you’ll join me this week in requesting this pictorial postmark for free, and see if any response! The details for requesting it are at this link at the Postal Bulletin 22576, 7-15-2021.

Here’s to a great week ahead! I’ll see you back here on Wednesday as we close out the month of July. See you then!

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Attribution and Thank you To National Baseball Hall of Fame website listing above, and USPS Postal Bulletin listing above

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