Autumn Inspirational Postcards on this First Day of Fall

With today being the First Day of Fall finding this set of Autumn Inspirational Postcards makes me happy! However, don’t you just hate knowing the days will be getting shorter and the nights longer?

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, with it being the Autumn Equinox, it signifies both the end of summer and the beginning of fall (think equal hours of daylight and nighttime of 12 hours each in most places). 

As if on queue, the weather today is lots of rain, even so – Cooper and I still were looking for bunnies outside the breakfast window. While we did not see any today, the good news is we have more than six weeks before Daylight Savings Ends on November 7th (setting the clock back an hour earlier) before it gets darker outside even earlier!

Just as with beginning the switchover of my wardrobe from Summer to Fall I am enjoying the rituals of changing over my stationery for the seasonal change beginning this week. I’m setting aside the bright florals and summer colors of my stationery and pulling out my autumn colors with notecards. Of course some of them, my nautical anchor notes, I use year-round!  Even with my return address labels, I enjoy swapping out and tuck pumpkins and jack-o-lantern ones into my stash of letter-writing supplies. I’m finding I am getting out my teapot these days and wanting to have a cup of hot tea with me nearby my letter writing desk while going through this change out of items – making the time to enjoy and not rush! 

Autumn Inspirational Postcards

Finding the set of Autumn Inspirational Postcards by AmandaCreation is a quick story worth sharing. Initially, in preparing this blog post I came across her Leaves Are Falling Autumn is Calling Fall Blank Postcards at Amazon. Furthermore, it got me curious to find out her website to see the entire offering.

Talk about perfect timing! I enjoyed discovering from just last week their AmandaCreation blog post on Inspirational Fall Postcards SKU: PR-1W2V-OQ5H. It describes using them provides a thoughtful way for sending comforting words – lifting a person’s spirits during the autumn season.

The pricing is very good for a set of four Autumn Inspirational Postcards; getting 25 of each, a total of 100 for $9.99. I love that it is a variety pack of the four designs.

There are four different designs each has a seasonal autumn message which I’m listing here:


  • … is the season that teaches us change can be beautiful
  • … shows us how beautiful it is to let things go
  • … whispered to the wind, I fall; but always rise again.

You’re never too old to jump into a pile of leaves

“Send a handwritten message to your loved ones to make their day special. A small note goes a long way.”

One of the benefits of just sending a postcard is the postcard postage rate of 40 cents each (compared to first-class Forever letter postage of 58 cents each).

When I think of Autumn and with a precursor to Thanksgiving, it is not too early to begin sharing a sentiment of gratitude on these postcards to friends and family.

By the way, talking about switch over of stationery wardrobes with the season change, my closet is switching over too. At the Wilmington Philatelic Society Club Meeting last night I enjoyed wearing a pair of corduroy slacks, along with a sweater cardigan over a top and a pair of Brittany Spaniel-themed socks (a nod to Cooper) with my loafers!

Spring Equinox 2021 in Southern Hemisphere Tomorrow

Before closing, I’m cognizant of my pen pal friends in the Southern Hemisphere, (i.e. new pen pal in Australia!) I realize they are changing out their stationery colors too – as tomorrow is their First Day of Spring! I’m smiling realizing we can each be sending seasonal stationery for where we reside – and they appear as opposites to each other upon receiving. This is going to be fun and I’m going to have to ask them more about it in my next letter!

Here’s to making the time to pause and enjoy changing out our stationery for Autumn – or whichever season we are in! See you back here on Sunday!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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Attribution & Thanks to AmandaCreation image and links listing above

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