Just My Type of Washi Tape

This is Just My Type of Washi Tape for what I’ve been looking for recently. Do you ever want to include an ode to typewriters on the back of the envelopes you send out?

In looking around, I was noticing it was February 10, 2020, when I was sharing about a Vintage Typewriter Washi Tape, that one by iluvdesign.

With the washi tape, I’m excited about sharing today, it is showing very reasonable pricing of $4.00 for each roll. Over at Etsy, the DesignsbyDesto has their You’re Just My Type Washi tape available.

Just My Type of Washi Tape DesignsbyDesto

To begin with, one of the things I really like about the DesignsbyDesto is their logo – with vintage thermos! And yes, they do have vintage thermos motifs in their repertoire!

Image DesignsbyDesto Etsy Shop is offering the You’re Just My Type Washi Tape

Secondly, seeing the four different colors of the Royal typewriter all lining up in a row on the washi tape is perfect for using on an envelope for sealing the back of the envelope.

In case you are curious – the dimensions for each roll are 33 feet long with 3/4 inch wide.

In their description it mentions the design having inspiration from thinking about the lineup of historic Rainbow Row houses in Charleston, South Carolina. 

During this transition time with the weather I’m finding myself wanting to use my typewriters more – even if for a hybrid letter with typing some of it, and handwriting the rest of it. I’m going ahead and ordering two of these rolls of typewriter washi tape.

We are Wrapping Up September (& Third Quarter) Here on Wednesday

When we are back here on Wednesday it will find us wrapping up the month of September. I’m in awe thinking that less than a week to close out the month and along with it third quarter 2021! While it may feel like why not relax a little and just declare all done for the month at this point – I’m encouraging us to continue the quest to finish the week strong! If there were any good intentions of writing a letter to someone on our list this month (and/or quarter!) there is still time. 

Furthermore, it is looking like we will be leaving the month (and year so far) without any hurricane incident! I am definitely keeping an eye on the weather forecasts for Hurricane Sam. As of writing this, it is a Category 4; however, its trajectory looks like will not be approaching anywhere near us on the east coast. 

Thanks for joining me today for Just My Type of Washi Tape – see you on Wednesday!

Anchors Aweigh,  


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P.S. I’m hoping to include a photo of a postcard of the Rainbow Row houses; in my post on Wednesday. I am still enjoying the one I received recently from Caleigh.

Attribution & Thanks to Designs by Desto, images, and links referencing above




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