On Personalizing Letter Opener Gift Idea

We are looking at the very creative Personalizing Letter Opener Gift Idea! One of the unique aspects of this particular design is getting to engrave on BOTH sides if we wish.

Their headline for letter-writing enthusiasts caught my attention:

“Give the PERFECT Gift of a Custom Engraved Mail Opener to Your Loved Ones!”

On Personalizing Letter Opener Gift Idea

Over at Etsy PrecisionMemory item 946703644 offers a lifetime guarantee with all of its products. The shop is based in Los Angeles, California, and “… aims to make every event, birthday, wedding or holiday amazingly special with the highest-quality personalized locally crafted gifts.”

They offer a wide range of font choices for engraving.

Image Etsy PrecisionMemory of their engraving font choices for Personalizing Letter Opener Gift Idea

For engraving on both sides, the pricing increases $5, engraving on just one side is showing a sale price of $24.99. Furthermore, they have free shipping to the U.S. in their description details. And I am enjoying reading they include a gift box making the gifting experience one less thing to have to chase down to fit it into before wrapping it.

This image is showing Etsy PrecisionMemory item 946703644 length of custom engraved mail opener

From their description, it is showing it to have a polished nickel surface along with rustproofing. There is a water drop-shaped handle and they are describing it as safe and user-friendly. In addition, the Envelope Knife Size overall length is 23 cm/ 9 inches.  And here’s another photo from their Etsy Shop.

Looking ahead with Holiday Gift Giving Fast Approaching Three Months Away

Christmas is still over three months away and now is a fantastic time for planning ahead and order now.

Although I’m the first to find myself at times using my car keys to open up a letter while at the mailbox, it still is a treat to truly sit at my desk and use one of my letter openers for properly opening the mail – it lifts the whole reading the letter experience!

See you back here on Wednesday! 

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Attribution & Thanks to PrecisionMemory Etsy images and links showing above.

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