Looking ahead to World Postcard Day 2021 October 1st

We are looking ahead to World Postcard Day 2021! It is this Friday, October 1st. 

Looking ahead to World Postcard Day 2021 October 1st

Especially of interest to me is the free zoom available by the Royal Philatelic Society London with their Collecting and exhibiting postcards presentation for World Postcard Day 2021. It is a great time to send a postcard to someone on Friday! This Eventbrite link will connect you to register for it. I have signed up for it and looking forward to attending! I’m hoping you will consider signing up too.

The Royal Philatelic Society London with have a zoom by Barry Stagg introducing “us to the world of postcard collecting and exhibiting” on World Postcard Day 2021

Looking ahead to World Postcard Day 2021 October 1st

On their website, the worldpostcardday has a lot of great information about the event from all over the world. The Events page shares a lot of events for the day including the one I have already referenced with the Royal Philatelic Society London.

In reading their history celebrating the postcard, it shares about the first postcard being introduced “as a way of sending a simple message” on October 1, 1869. Fast forward to 2019 for the 150th anniversary of the postcard.  Furthermore, 2020 was the launch of it as an annual event celebrating the postcard every October 1st. In addition, it thanks to both Postcrossing and Finepaper for their contributions to organizing.

On finding postcards to send

Because I have a LOT of postcards already in my letter-writing stash, I’m not currently planning on picking up any new ones.
Should you find yourself wanting to pick up a postcard here are a few ideas for finding them:

  • the local museum gift shop is worth exploring,
  • Barnes & Noble bookstore may be worth calling ahead to see if they have any postcards.
  • any nearby tourist-type gift shops locally may be a place to try.
  • if you happen to find yourself going through an airport the shops there may have some postcards too.

Getting a local postmark on your postcard you send

Something you can do to add a little extra oomph to your postcard(s) you send on World Postcard Day 2021 is to take them into your local post office and ask if they will hand cancel them for you. You’ll want to make sure you have it with the mailing address on it. They can help you with purchasing a postcard stamp if you need otherwise using a first-class stamp on the postcard is fine too. My experience is to not bring in a LOT of them; however, for a handful of them to hand cancel hopefully they will do so – from experience, it helps to share with enthusiasm WHY you are wanting the hand cancels to have the date reflecting what celebrating.  Hope that helps!

It is exciting to me to close out the month of September already looking ahead to World Postcard Day 2021! See you back here on Sunday.

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Attribution & Thanks to World Postcard Day 2021 referencing above, and Royal Philatelic Society London, images and links above.




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