Decluttering Update & Welcoming October 2021 National Stamp Collecting Month

We welcome October and with it 2021 National Stamp Collecting Month! And if you ever deal with what to do with an ever-growing collection of tubs for storage it is a delight to include a brief decluttering update as my number of tubs is decreasing! 

This even includes picking back up my paperback book about MISE-EN-PLACE organizing by Dan Charnas along with this shout-out to Ellen for getting to see her this weekend!

October 2021 National Stamp Collecting Month blog post title card AnchoredScraps

Decluttering Update Includes Revisiting Dan Charnas Book

It continues to be a delight to do intentional and focused decluttering of the various tubs in the house and some with back and forth to the garage. 

Back on March 5, 2019, I remember writing my blog post introducing the Work Clean book by Dan Charnas.  And following up a few days later by sharing a two-minute video about it Work Clean – The Daily Meeze. (March 9, 2019).

On an aside, one of the things this process has included has to do with my scrapbooking work area.  The past few days found me finally being able to say goodbye to photos no longer needing. It means I finally was able to go through discarding (shredding) the  35 mm negatives with contact sheets. Knowing I had years ago already had the best ones transferred to cd is of comfort. In addition, they were already on two separate hard drives. The realizing is seeing the space it was all taking up was outweighing having yet another backup on hand for photos. The items all had previously been put into scrapbooks and the best of them used. 

My continued sincere thanks to Melissa for our 2021 ongoing project this year as we have been taking on and are succeeding with decluttering! Along with a shout-out to Caleigh for her insights on decluttering for making room for a creative workspace.

October 2021 National Stamp Collecting Month

The stamp in today’s blog post title card is the 1986 22 cent Stamp Collecting: Handstamped Cover, images of it thanks to Mystic Stamp Company.

It is part “of a booklet pane of four issued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American Philatelic Society. This was the first time that U.S. commemoratives were ever issued in booklet form.”

This First U.S. Commemorative Booklet I’m seeing is available for a set of the four Mint Stamps for $4.25 and has some First Day Covers too!

#2198-2201 – 1986 22c Stamp Collecting, image from Mystic Stamp Company

In looking at the American Philatelic Society website, they are sponsoring to begin on October 5 a Stamp Collecting Fundamentals virtual course. It is on their calendar for each Tuesday the rest of October – October 5, 12, 19, and 26. The price of $40 (for APS members) and $80 if non-APS members, looks really reasonable – especially seeing the instructor is by the Chief Curator of Philately, Smithsonian National Postal Museum, Daniel Piazza.

Here’s to a great month of October in front of us! See you back here on Wednesday!

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Addendum – in registering for the course after posting today’s blog, I’m getting a “Registration is closed” message after logging on to the site, I’ve put in a Contact APS to ask for further details.  Latest: I heard back from APS and although the “live” class is full it will be available as an on-demand course sometime in November.

Attribution & Thanks to Mystic Stamp Company, Work Clean book by Dan Charnas, American Philatelic Society, Melissa, Caleigh; Links above.

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