Don’t mean to scare you, Happy Halloween 2021!

With my blog news I’m sharing this morning, I don’t mean to scare you, especially as tonight is Happy Halloween 2021!

In addition to today being Halloween, Game 5 of the MLB World Series is tonight, Astros at Braves; the Braves lead 3-1 over the Astros. Also, it is the last day of National Stamp Collecting Month. 

Go ahead and grab your favorite morning (afternoon, or evening) beverage based on where you are reading this and enjoy on this Happy Halloween 2021!

Don't mean to scare you Happy Halloween 2021

First, the next chapter with AnchoredScraps is upon us! Beginning in November, I’m going to be posting weekly, on each Sunday

THANK YOU for continuing to be on this blog journey with me as we celebrate letter writing! Next February 26, 2022 will be AnchoredScraps 7th Anniversary for this blog!

As a refresher, in case you are new to my blog, my first five and a half years I blogged daily. Since last September 2020, for the past 14 months I have been blogging twice a week on each Sunday and Wednesday. With the new schedule beginning next week, I’ll be posting each Sunday morning and hopefully it will help inspire us for writing a few letters on Sunday afternoons. 

Along the journey of writing over 2100 blog posts here, I have mentioned one of the big desires when I was beginning my blog was for finding 50 pen pals – kindred letter writing souls – around the world. Fast forward almost seven years and the number of Pen Pals I have is greater than what I even dreamed of and I’m so appreciative. 

Recently I have been feeling not as connected with all of my pen pals as I’m wanting. It is ironic given my blog is about encouraging letter writing. Furthermore, I’m wanting to have more time for developing my blog post content.  

While I still miss parts of blogging daily, (and know I will miss posting twice a week) I continue to remind myself that ‘the time has to come from somewhere’. Previously it has meant having less sleep-time sometimes. 

Celebrating 2021 Decluttering & Brainstorming – Thank You Melissa & Caleigh!

With my sentiments of ‘the time has to come from somewhere’, I’m delighted to share one of the things this past year from having “extra time” by not blogging daily has been the process of going through my home and accomplishing major decluttering, and the dealing with handling personal papers. I’m going to be continuing the de-cluttering journey but at this point I have everything fitting within the ‘footprint’ in my home. I made the decision I did not want to have my home office be in the equivalent of living in a storage container but instead its very functional, decorated, and a joy to work with several zones in it! I WILL have a debut of it in the future!

My continued sincere thanks to Melissa (SimpleSpaces is her website) as we have been meeting monthly this entire year; we are meeting again in November and December as we wrap up 2021. It is wonderful to know I can have company show up and I do not have to move the cannonballs to get ready for them, nor to get to use the guest room.

Simple Spaces website screenshot 2021Oct30, you can read more about Melissa here

Furthermore, there are some REALLY fun and wonderful things on the horizon with AnchoredScraps that I’m very excited about them! I am delighted with all of the creative brainstorming continuing to have with Caleigh. I am very enthusiastic knowing what is coming in the future here at AnchoredScraps!

Create Greeting Cards Caleigh Bird Art
You can read more about Caleigh Bird, she is a very talented artist, and this image is from our blog post earlier this year where she shares creating your own greeting cards

Happy Halloween 2021

We are expecting over 100 trick-or-treaters this evening and Cooper will be greeting them with me! 

My thanks to Pawville for their photo of him, they took it earlier this week.

Lastly, a few calendar items as we wrap up the month and look ahead to November

  • For our fountain pen enthusiasts – and those of us still learning their way around a fountain pen – next Friday, November 5 is Fountain Pen Day 2021
  • Next weekend, it is Daylight Savings Time – ending next Sunday morning overnight at 2AM.
  • And we are less than two weeks away from Veterans Day, November 11th.
Fountain Pen Day 2021 is November 5, image from its web site

Again, Thank you for joining me today. Here’s to a great month of November ahead.  I’ll see you back here next Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

Anchors Aweigh,  


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