Otterly adorable! New Otters in Snow Stamps Forever

The new Otters in Snow Stamps are otterly adorable! Their first day of issue was this past week, on October 12, 2021, by the USPS.

New Otters in Snow Stamps Forever
New Otters in Snow Stamps Forever by USPS

In addition, finding these “Things I Otter Do!” Daily to-do list notepads have me smiling and thinking of using them also for letter writing – that way keeping my Otter theme with paper and stamp!

Image “Things I Otter do” daily to-do list notepad by tmariestationery Etsy Shop

First, a few things about the to-do list, and then we will look at the new stamps. 

One of the really nice things about this 50 sheets of 5.5 x 8.5 inches planner pages is the free shipping in the U.S. I’m seeing at the Etsy Shop for tmariestationery.

MAKE YOUR DAILY TASKS FUN – These adorable sea otters will make you smile and keep you inspired to check tasks off your “otter do list” each day!”

In addition, it describes it making the perfect gift, having 50 thick premium tear-off sheets, and helping reach your goals with its simple to-do list. The pricing for it is $8.90.  I’m ordering a set after posting today’s blog post!

New Otters in Snow Stamps Forever

New Otters in Snow Stamps Forever booklet First Class
USPS image New Otters In Snow Stamps Forever booklet

The Otters in Snow Stamps Forever are in booklet format with 20 stamps. It features the North American river otter in the winter white landscape.

There are four different scenes – block of four – so we get five sets of them in total. This is the USPS Postal Store link to SKU 683504, selling for $11.60 for the first-class booklet.

One of the reasons I make sure to share the Postal Store link in this blog post for them is I personally find my local post office does not always have the new stamps right after their release. Some of my pen pals have also been mentioning this to me too. So by sharing the link to the USPS Postal Store it gives the opportunity to order and receive very quickly. Currently, it is showing in stock and available to ship in 1-3 business days. There is a nominal $1.40 handling fee I’m seeing added which I’m fine and understandable. Their grid is showing orders under $50 having a $1.40 handling fee. Orders over $50 are a $2.00 handling fee. And they do have a note that certain items do not have a handling fee.  

Let’s not forget October is National Stamp Collecting Month!

Additionally, thank you for joining me today and us looking at these new Otters in Snow Stamps Forever design! You know we can go for what seems like a long time between seeing new stamp releases and then all of a sudden a whole wave of them are showing up. There are more new stamps arriving which I’ll be sharing here soon – especially as October is National Stamp Collecting Month. In addition, I love having the range of different stamps to use with our letter writing – especially when getting to coordinate it with the stationery! The uniqueness makes for a great gift-giving combination for upcoming Holidays and/or birthdays!

Before closing, I’m seeing Halloween is two weeks from today! We are smack dab in the middle of October 2021. In the meantime, I’m hoping this next week is most productive for you.   See you back here on Wednesday.

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Thanks and Attribution to USPS  and tmariestationery Etsy referencing above with their respective links.




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