On finding Furukawashiko Flowers Letter Sets Japanese Stationery

Today I’m sharing on finding the Furukawashiko Flowers Letter Sets Japanese Stationery.

There are different color sets: Yellow, Pink, and Blue available over at JetPens. Note to self — the color in the photo looks more towards red to me – how about, raspberry pink?

On finding Furukawashiko Flowers Letter Sets Japanese Stationery

What I’m really loving is this splurge of lined sets is $5.00. They are defining a set as four sheets of the lined Mino washi paper along with two envelopes. In the image above with today’s blog post title card, it is also showing on the right side the image of the Furukawashiko Sandwich Letter Set – Fruit Sandwich.

Over at JetPens the Furukawashiko Flowers Letter Set – Blue Bouquet

“Leave adorable notes and thank-yous for your loved ones … includes four sheets of lined Mino washi—a traditional Japanese paper made from the paper mulberry plant—and two colorful envelopes. When folded up, the paper looks like a cute bouquet.”

In addition, pencils and ballpoint pens are the preference for writing on them otherwise can end up with feathering. 

Furthermore, in case you have not heard about JetPens before, I have personally ordered from them with fantastic service! One of my earliest posts was on them, in my blog post, “My first JetPens order (my ship has come in!) (August 22, 2015) I share about them. And over the years have included them in other posts too.

The Furukawashiko Flowers Letter Sets Inspire and Remind me of…

So behind the scenes, their styling brings to mind my remembrances of nosegay flowers done up simply. Which in turn inspires me to dream of creating in the future a stencil-inspired design to hand embroider onto a pillowcase. I am still collecting vintage pillowcases with embroidery on them and in fact, have been teaching myself to hand crochet edges onto new pillowcases for creating my own sets! It is amazing to me how interests and pursuits overlap – in this instance the joy of finding new stationery for letter writing along with the joy of collecting vintage pillowcase linens with embroidery and crochet edges – to then come up with merging onto my own design in the future!

In closing, here’s to finishing the week strong and I’ll be back on Sunday. Have fun exploring! 

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