Happy Thanksgiving 2021 – Discovering a letters impact with the Mayflower Compact

Today I’m sharing Happy Thanksgiving 2021 – discovering a letters impact with the Mayflower Compact.  

At this time of year I find myself thinking of The Mayflower Compact. Should you find yourself with a little time this week among your Thanksgiving preparations I hope you’ll enjoy today’s post. 

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Happy Thanksgiving 2021 - Discovering a letters impact with the Mayflower Compact

There is a 2014 post I think you may enjoy reading: The Mayflower and The Letter That Launched A New World; it is by Mark Griffith from November 18, 2014, on The Housing Hour website. Prior to my writing today’s post, I was not familiar with the site.

The reason I like the article is it ties together the impact of a letter to the pilgrims from Rev John Robinson.   He shares about the impact of the letter and influence of it, further sharing part of the text from The Mayflower Compact, along with the complete letter from him.

As I was mentioning above, I really hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Furthermore, at another site, I came across the same Farewell Letter of Pastor John Robinson at MayflowerHistory.com. On one page by itself it is including the text of the letter.

It was just a year ago, we were celebrating the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor Stamp celebrating 400th Anniversary (November 22, 2020).

USPS Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor Forever Stamp celebrates 400th Anniversary #2039

This is my SEVENTH year to be celebrating Thanksgiving here at AnchoredScraps

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I’m still writing more Thanksgiving letters and cards. I would not give up sending out any if you have been wanting to – even if they may end up after Thanksgiving!

Of course, before closing, no Thanksgiving Day blog post is complete without remembering Linus’ Thanksgiving prayer in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving from 1973, and from 1987 Planes, Trans and Automobiles ending scene.

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Wishing you a festive week ahead!  This Thursday will find us hosting Thanksgiving here with out of town family! Whether you are on the road going or staying put here’s to wishing everyone safe travel. I really hope it is a day full of Thanksgiving!

Thank you for continuing to be on this blog journey with me.  It continues to be a joy to be here with you and I count this as one of my blessings.   Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

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