Going, Going, Gone! USPS stamps to be withdrawn include these Holiday stamps

Soon it will be Going, Going, Gone! We are looking at USPS stamps to be withdrawn include these Holiday stamps. Around the corner we will be working on Christmas Newsletters and cards for the Holidays. It is timely to know about these stamps going away in case you were wanting to stock up while still can (it may take some digging around!)

Hoping this finds you having a restful and fun Thanksgiving weekend. It is hard to believe this next Wednesday is December 1st! 

Last call! going Going Gone December 31, 2021 USPS stamps to be withdrawn include these Holiday stamps

Holiday stamps retiring 2021 December 31

In the most recent USPS Postal Bulletin, it lists the stamps being withdrawn from regular sale and no longer available after December 31, 2021. I’m also including along with each of the Holiday stamps retiring, a screenshot of what finding available currently at the USPS Postal Store.  It may prove to be very helpful in locating these stamps by going to several of your local post offices and seeing what they have at the counter.  Good luck!

The complete listing of all of the stamps in the latest batch going away is at USPS Postal Bulletin 22585 here.

First, there is The Snow Day (676100) (Forever) The Snowy Day Bklt/20; we were looking at them on September 10, 2017 post, USPS 2017 Snowy Days Stamps.

USPS 2017 Snowy Days Stamps

At the USPS Postal Store website Snow Day link I’m seeing The Snow Day Notecards which includes the stamps. Also, it is showing a press sheet with die cuts of them.


Next, it is Sku #677300 (Forever) Christmas Carols Bklt/20.

USPS 2017 Christmas Carols Forever Stamps

The four-stamp set from 2017, we were looking at on September 19, 2017, USPS 2017 Christmas Carols Forever Stamps. 

At the USPS Postal Store Christmas Carols, it is showing availability only of  its notecards, and tote bags.


Then it is #682100 (Forever) Sparkling Holidays Bklt/20 – I think of them as the Coca-Cola Santas stamps; from 2018, my blog post: USPS Will Be Issuing Classic Santa Stamps in October, July 2, 2018.

Classic Santa Stamps

Furthermore, 566300 (Forever) Sparkling Holidays SS/1 is going away too.

There are three Sparkling Holidays items in the USPS Postal Store a collectible writing set, cachet, and souvenir sheet; however, no stamps. Again, check out your local post office.


And there is #682200 (Forever) Madonna and Child by Bachiacca Bklt/20.

2018 USPS Madonna and Child by Bachiacca Forever Stamp

At my local post office last week I was able to get three booklets of these stamps! I still recall back on October 3, 2018, writing my blog post on 2018 USPS Madonna and Child by Bachiacca Forever stamp.

I’m only finding the Florentine Madonna & Child Notecards  at the USPS Postal Store. It includes the stamps.

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Before closing, tomorrow is Cyber Monday.

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And also this next week, the day after CyberMonday is #GivingTuesday! At their website, it is set up listing by country. In addition, the American Philatelic Society Giving Tuesday opportunity is having on Tuesday, November 30, a one-day opportunity to support the C3a community, with a $25 or more donation. 

Lastly, my front porch still has four pumpkins along with Autumn wreath on the front door. This is UNTIL December 1st. On  Wednesday I will begin switching over to decorating for the Christmas Holidays!

Thank you for joining me today! See you back here next Sunday, December 5th! 

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