Surf tumbled Sea Glass Photo Notecards by WaterColorSkyBlue

On deciding which of the Surf tumbled Sea Glass Photo Notecards to show as the blog title image today took some time! There are many beautiful choices of them individually offered by WaterColorSkyBlue. And among them there are several on sale!

The rain continues to be with us this weekend with it finally clearing today. 

With it being the middle of July, I am so happy finding this collection from the Portland, Oregon Etsy Shop, WaterColorSkyBlue.

Sea Glass Photo Notecards by WaterColorSkyBlue

Seeing it has been around since 2010, I’m loving seeing the wide  range of beautiful Surf-tumbled Sea Glass Photo Notecards. There are over 80 different ones to view, with the Last Chance Sale featuring 10 designs.  

WaterColorSkyBlue Etsy Shop“Naturally surf-tumbled, salt-water infused and one-of-a-kind sea glass — all found by me on beautiful West Coast beaches. Look here for authentic, genuine sea glass, sea pottery, seashells, beach stones and beach fossils.

Purchase 6 or more Photography Note Cards together for Free Shipping…”

In closing, I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the collection of Surf-tumbled notecards stationery during these July summer days – with or without the rain!

Anchors Aweigh,  


AnchoredScraps # 2175

Attribution & Thanks WaterColorSkyBlue


Sea Glass Anchor Note Card StationeryI’m including this look-back link to a previous blog post of mine from September 29, 2019. It is on the Sea Glass Anchor Note Card Stationery and still one of my favorites!



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