Celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month 2022

October means Celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month 2022!  There are several new stamps being introduced this month!  There is a new stamp celebrating Kwanzaa, Women Cryptologists of World War II, and Hanukkah. In addition the Snowy Beauty Stamps new booklet arrives this week; I’m showing its image in the blog post title card today.

For our new email blog subscribers, I’m including this as a look-back from my blog post last year. I still love the art work for it Celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month (October 2, 2021, blog post #2130).

October 2021 National Stamp Collecting Month

In addition to the new stamps I’m mentioning in today’s post, it is fun seeing this set of Stamp Collecting Month Souvenir Cards 1981 to 1984.

This is from Mystic Stamp Company, M12363, National Stamp Collecting Month Souvenir Cards, (from 1981 to 1984 by USPS.

They were special souvenir cards by the USPS when it introduced National Stamp Collecting month – with a card each year from 1981 to 1984.  Although it is showing them currently sold out, I like seeing they are referenced and can go onto my list of “would like to get some day”.

New USPS Stamps Arriving October 2022 Include …

The new stamps can be pre-ordered at their individual listings over at the USPS Postal Store online, which I’m including their links below.

First, as mentioned above in the opening paragraph, we have the Snowy Beauty Stamps. Their first day of issue is October 11, 2022 in Guilford, IN. There are ten designs with two each, so 20 in the booklet (SKU 684004) (see image above).

Secondly, there is the new Kwanzaa arrives October 13, 2022 with its first day of issue in St. Louis, MO (SKU 580604).

Next is the Women Cryptologists of World War II first day of issue is October 18, 2o22 in Annapolis Junction, MD, with the single design, in a pane of 20 (SKU 482204).

And lastly, is the Hanukkah stamp arriving on October 20, 2022 in Chargin Falls, OH. This is also a single design, in a pane of 20 (SKU 580704).

Furthermore, I’m including below a listing to all of the new stamps for 2022 for reference.

National Stamp Collecting Month 2022

There are two items I’m wanting to be sure to  mention. First there is a new members free gift offering this month over at the American Philatelic Society. And secondly, they have their National Stamp Collecting Month Ideas page. It includes their listing of valuable resources. 

Before closing, this reminder, the Post Office is closed tomorrow with Federal Holiday observing Columbus Day 2022. I’m looking forward to writing a few letters to queue up to go out into the mail on Tuesday! 

Thank you for joining me today! Here’s to a great month ahead. See you back here next Sunday.

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Attribution & Thanks to American Philatelic Society, 2022 U.S. New Issues listing; USPS Postal Store (individual links above to each new stamp showing); Mystic Stamp Company.



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