On Sending Boo-ti-ful Greetings

On Sending Boo-ti-ful Greetings … in time for Halloween 2022 means there is still time now to do so! I’m sharing an idea on what I’m doing personally this year (being very frugal). In addition, I’ve found a very nice digital printable for less than $2 over at Etsy. And I’m even including a link to free ecard Halloween cards at American Greetings, go ahead and plan now!

On Sending Boo-ti-ful Greetings

On Sending Boo-ti-ful Greetings

Now is a great time to get them written and into the mail with this week ahead of us!

First, there is always the using three ringed notebook paper and using colored pencils draw a jack-o-lantern on it and write your note! The important part is to put it into the envelope and mail it!  From writing today’s post – this is the style I’m going to be using this year!  So stay tuned for follow-up with some photos of mine next week!

Next, for a fun digital printable available for downloading for less than $2, over at Etsy MACHDesignShop has a fun Lined and Unlined Halloween Fall Printable Stationery Paper.

In addition, for an option not sending by pen and paper, there are also free ecards available.  For example, I’m sharing this link and screenshot (partial) showing over at American Greetings Halloween ecards have some adorable, including “Monster Mash” Quartet (Famous Song).

This is a partial screenshot American Greetings Halloween Free ecards (2022October16)

Thank you for joining me today. I’m hoping these ideas help us this year On Sending Boo-ti-ful Greetings!

In follow-up to last weeks post

Before closing, I’m having to share how much of a delight it was hearing from stamp club buddy Jimmy after my last blog post! If you recall, before closing my post on Celebrating National Stamp Collecting Month 2022 – I was sharing on my list of “would like to get some day” items the set of special souvenir cards by the USPS when it introduced National Stamp Collecting month – with a card each year from 1981 to 1984. It is a delight learning he has an extra set for me!  Hooray and many thanks to Jimmy! I have a great “rest of the story” I’ll be sharing in my next Sunday post – this coming week is our next stamp club meeting!  

Here’s to a great week ahead! 

Anchors Aweigh,  


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