Let’s hear it for cursive! National Handwriting Day 2023 January 23

Tomorrow is National Handwriting Day 2023 January 23! Let’s hear it for cursive! And for trivia if wondering why the date of January 23 it is in conjunction with John Hancock’s birthday given he was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence – with his large bold signature – in cursive

And at the end of today’s post I have a short one question survey asking if you think YOUR handwriting looks better if you take your time or it doesn’t make any difference.

First, if we go over to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, it shares about the day “promoting the consumption of pens, pencils, and writing paper encouraging ‘all to re-explore the purity and power of handwriting.'”

The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association Website landing page partial screenshot, 2023January22

Let’s hear it for cursive! National Handwriting Day 2023 January 23

Secondly, I’m sharing from my previous 2016, January 23 blog post on National Handwriting Day with Pilot Pen sharing their 10 Day Handwriting Challenge. 

“The Pilot Pen 10 Day Handwriting Challenge consists of the following to Handwrite: 

  • your favorite quote.
  • and post a note to someone you miss.
  • your name using both your right and left hand (try cursive for added difficulty).
  • something in a different language and post it on social media.
  • the chorus to your favorite song from 2015 2023
  • your top 3 personal goals for 2016 and put it somewhere you’ll see it daily.
  • a regret of yours and throw it away – it’s liberating!
  • your favorite recipe and add it to your family recipe book. Share a copy with a friend.
  • the final sentence from your favorite book.
  • your to-do list for the week and note if you accomplish more.”
National Day Calendar January 23 National Handwriting Day

And third, over at the NationalDayCalendar for National Handwriting Day this year (2023) I’m liking this from their page:

“Whether you’re out of practice or execute some beautiful handwriting, share a little handwritten message with us. Here are a few other ideas to try:

Start a journal.
Send a handwritten letter to a friend or family member.
Write a short story or poem.
Take a calligraphy class.
Write a to-do list.
Leave a love note for someone dear to you.
Compliment someone with a handwritten sticky note.
Pay with a check – if you dare.
Leave your server a tip and a handwritten word of thanks for their service.”

Lastly, before closing, and with regards to hand writing our letters, I find I have to spend concentrated time these days when putting pen to paper otherwise my handwriting can be hard to read – I think it has a lot to do with just not being in practice. If I slow down and thoughtfully smooth out the paper surface and be more intentional I get much better results!

I’m interested in hearing from you if you find your handwriting looks better too if you slow down or does it not make a big difference? Here is a quick survey!

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Do you find your handwriting is better when you take your time or it doesn't make any difference?

Here’s to a great week ahead!

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