InCoWriMo 2023 is Celebrating 10th year February Letter Writing Month & Check out LetterMo 2023

InCoWriMo 2023 is celebrating 10th year February letter writing month! In addition, LetterMo is back with a wonderful website layout for their Month of Letters 2023. 


As you can see in my blog post title card today it includes a photo from a stack of outgoing letters I wrote last week. While I have some really nice return address labels this time instead I chose to just handwrite out the entire envelope. It was fun getting to use the new Lunar New Year: Year of the Rabbit Stamps. In addition, I was even able to use the new School Bus Additional Postage stamp too. 

InCoWriMo 2023 is Celebrating 10th year February Letter Writing Month

The InCoWriMo Address Exchange 2023 is up and running at their site. 

If you are new to my blog, over the years my participation with participating in letter writing challenges for February has varied  When I first began my first year with InCoWriMo found me writing over 100 letters that year – a lot more than the idea of writing one letter a day.  InCoWriMo 2023 has their Address Exchange available.

Also, be sure to check out LetterMo 2023

You will also want to explore the LetterMo 2023 – Month of Letters website.

Furthermore, I’m recalling that not all years I participate in February with a letter writing challenge. Here’s the link to my 2021 my February 3 post was “Why I’m Not Letter Writing Challenge Month in 2021”

Why I'm Not Letter Writing Challenge Month in 2021

Before closing, wanted to mention upcoming on February 26th AnchoredScraps will be celebrating our 8th year blogging Anniversary! As a reminder, there is still time for getting Valentine’s Day cards into the snail mail too! See you back here on Sunday. In the meantime, I’m still attempting to get my smartphone to ‘reboot’.

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