Updating our on the GO letter writing – let’s go!

It is time to be updating our on the go letter writing – get ready, let’s go! 

We have many options, I’m encouraging us to have a few basic items on hand to keep in the car.  With March Madness 2023 underway this can be a fun project to be taking on in parallel!

I’m seeing an adorable Snail Mail Kit by the Paxton Press done on 5 x 7 size available over at Etsy for $22.00. It is for pen pals with “Mail these back and forth with an assortment of games and letter templates.”

Snail Mail Letter Writing Kit by The Paxton Press Etsy

In addition, our on-the-go letter writing can be as simple as my approach of On-the-go composition letters I blogged about previously (October 24, 2021). Below is one of the screen shots from the post.

Updating our on the GO letter writing – let’s go! 

As far as key items I like to keep with me in my purse here is a list.  It includes: a 5 x 7 small lined booklet so I can tear out a page. There are a few envelopes. I also have a few Forever first class stamps and postcard stamps. It is nice to have at least one International USPS stamp on hand. Next, a 6″ ruler clear. Also a highlighter and a variety of a few stickers.

Next, in the boot section between the driver and passenger seats I keep a role of good invisible scotch tape, a pen, And a similar set in the car along with scotch tape, small scissors, and pens.

Having postcard stamps on me came in handy last weekend when out of town. I was sending a few postcards and grateful to have the stamps already on me. It was a real treat discovering a gift shop that actually carried postcards of their venue! 

Handcrafted blank postcards from busybeecraftsandmore on ETSY

Furthermore, I’m going ahead and am ordering a set of these blank postcards from busybeecraftsandmore on Etsy. The set of 25 sells for $5.75. If we add the $4.25 for shipping to me in U.S. it is $10 (before tax). I am envisioning myself writing “We are HERE!” on the front! I would in addition – write where “Here” is; this will be very helpful when cannot find an actual postcard at that location.

Think about what you can keep on hand, and it is always a great excuse to declare its the reason for having to go to the Dollar Tree for a visit – amazing what we can find there for a few dollars – have fun! See you back here next Sunday! Here’s to a great week ahead – especially with tomorrow being the first day of Spring, March 20, 2023! We can write our letters about the weather!

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Attribution & Thanks The Paxton Press, and busybeecraftsandmore, both on Etsy referencing above with images and links

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