This page under construction.

This is an image of Cuddy’s Quilt under construction from Helen as of November 12, 2015.

Cuddy’s Quilt is currently with the embroiderer for the five square blocks.

– As of November 20, 2015 – Helen


To see the progress here are the links to blog posts about it so far:

Cuddy’s Quilt November 08, 2015

Autumn Potpourri  November 12, 2015


Cuddy was our Brittany Spaniel who was a guest blogger each month here at – he would blog each month since launching on February 26, 2015.


These are links to all of his blog posts that include photos of him each time: Cuddy Guest Blog Post Recap

# Date Title
                March 17, 2015  His first blog post from March 17 Paws-ing for St. Patrick’s and included sharing my story of being matched with my forever family in July 2008 through the American Brittany Rescue  Cuddy on St. Patrick's Day 2015
   April 12, 2015  April 12 Paws-ing to Type;  P1010371
   May 21, 2015  May 21 Paws-ing for May flowers;  P1010645
   June 11, 2015  June 11 Pool Season (has arrived),  cuddyPool_2012

   July 31, 2015  July 31 Christmas in July (Santa Paws), and  Cuddy2009ChristmasPortrait
   August 16, 2015  August 16 Dog days of summer.    
   September 12, 2015  September 12 Lucky Dog    Cuddy inspector general
   October 31, 2015  October 31 Paws-ing for Curtain Call  P1010040


November 3, 2015  “Day by Day”  Written the day after losing him


October 28, 2015  Making the most of today  dreamstime_xs_58387188_square
 November 02, 2015  This is the link to Helen’s blog post on Monday evening after he passed away: Over the Rainbow Bridge  dreamstime_xs_52957458_square