Autumn Potpourri

What a fast paced week it has been already!

Today’s blog post is a collection of a few different items and so the title “Autumn Potpourri” – Grace Kelly’s birthday, Charlie Brown stamp, and Cuddy’s Quilt Update.

Grace Kelly U.S. Stamp, 29 cents, 1993, Scott #2749 from Mystic Stamp Company web site.

Grace Kelly’s birthday is today

Today is Grace Kelly’s birthday and upon hearing that some of her films come to mind especially “Rear Window” (1954), “To Catch A Thief (1955), and “High Society” (1956)”.  She and my Dad were both born in 1929.  They would have both been 86 years young.   This weekend may find me watching at least one of her movies –  “Rear Window”.

Charlie Brown computer vended stamp issued

Thank you to my stamp club friend for emailing me about the November 06 Linn’s Stamps web site article.

“A single computer vended stamp featuring Charlie Brown is now being sold through self-service kiosks in selected United States post offices.

The design of the forever stamp shows Charlie, from the popular Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, standing on his tiptoes and peering into an apparently empty mailbox, with snow on the top of the mailbox and at the base…”

Quilt final layout_Nov12Thursday
Cuddy’s quilt in progress – made up of his dog bandanas from his many visits to Pawville.  Photo taken by Helen Rittersporn, 11/12/2015.  The date stamp on the camera is off by one day.

Cuddy’s Quilt Update

Back on March 13th I had a blog post “Potpourri Update” and it contained several items with updates from previous posts.   Today’s blog post is similar with having an update from my blog post on Sunday of this week – I blogged about “Cuddy’s Quilt“.  Huge progress has been made this week on three evenings.  The squares are from the dog bandanas I collected from the visits he made for being boarded and/or dog-day-care.
For the quilt squares size we ended up going with 12 x 12 size for finished block.  All  of the squares have been sewn now from the dog bandanas and there are five squares that are now being taken to be embroidered.  Once that is done will sew the top together and then proceed with the longarm.    It will be great fun to debut what is planned for the five squares (hint – in the middle square that is a digized for embroidery Brittany Spaniel.)

There are actually going to be two quilts – one for my family and the other for what was Cuddy’s second home where he loved daycare and to be boarded: Pawville!   There is a smaller sized quilt that will be on display there!    Ongoing updates on the progress of these two quilts will be posted to a page under construction on Cuddy here at!

Join me tomorrow as we wrap up the work week and head into the weekend.   Note to self queue up movie “Rear Window’ and check out the local stamp vending machines at the Post Office….

Anchors Aweigh,  



Attribution & Thank you to the following who are referenced today —

Image shown above of Grace Kelly U.S. Stamp, 29 cents, 1993, Scott #2749 from Mystic Stamp Company web site.
More on the stamp can be found at the Arago @PostalMuseum Grace Kelly Issue 1993 commemorative stamp.   Charlie Brown computer vended stamp issued by Michael Baadke  November 06, 2015  – Cuddy loved going here! blog post: Potpourri Update March 13, 2015; Cuddy’s Quilt November 08, 2015; both by Helen Rittersporn page (under construction): Remembering Cuddy



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