Welcome letter writing enthusiasts and those new and/or rediscovering the joys of letter writing. We celebrate letter writing here!

AnchoredScraps letter writing blog encourages old-style correspondence through handwritten letters between kindred souls since 2015

Whether the topic focuses on buying your first fountain pen, downloading a printable for jotting down a few whimsical sentiments, sending a post card, dusting off your typewriter, the joys of selecting vintage or new postage to our envelope cachets, adding to our stationery stash, or simply hand-writing a letter – it’s all fun and part of the journey with a blog post by Helen Rittersporn. 

Here you will find ongoing encouragement to regularly carve out a few precious moments to connect with others via “old” styles of correspondence, specifically in letter writing. 

AnchoredScraps Blog Posts

Topical Christmas Mail Time _AnchoredScraps #2143
Helen Rittersporn

Topical Christmas Mail Time!

It is Topical Christmas Mail Time! Ho Ho Ho! Before beginning, I hope this finds you doing great and pacing yourself for the holidays! This year we are trying something different with Cooper being five years old, we got a live Christmas tree today

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