Sharing our cherished recipes

Today as we wrap up the week of recipe cards I found this quote on a vintage recipe box worth sharing:  “No matter where I serve my guests they seem to like my kitchen best.” –  Author: unknown

Here are some recipe card offerings I found at Hallmark cards for considered inclusion with our letters to family and friends.

When I had stopped into the local Hallmark store on Tuesday earlier this week I blogged in my post entitled Recipe Letters that I “was delighted to see the amount of choices for recipe boxes, recipe box and book sets, easel style recipe books, and their big selection of lined themed recipe index cards. ”

If you will go to the site and search on “online” recipe cards, and view by price low to high the search results will include nine different 4″ x 6″ recipe cards, 36 in a package, for $4.95 each.   They are classified as “refill” recipe cards, or recipe cards and the “refill” is for coordinating with recipe binder of same design.

The “Teal Embossed Recipe Refill Cards” from – priced at $4.95 package of 36, 4″ x 6″ recipe cards.

There are some with Disney, Floral, Kitchen Classics, Teal Embossed, are a few of their names.   While these are not personalized with your name they are a great option, especially if you are looking for a special inexpensive gift as you could use a partial set of the cards and use for writing out YOUR favorite recipes and give as a gift, and/or give the entire packet or partial packet along with a baked item and give to someone – trust me it makes for a very nice and appreciated gift!

The “Embossed Recipe Binder” from Coordinates with the above shown “Teal Embossed Recipe Refill Cards”, for $19.95.

The recipe cards offered at Hallmark “Includes spaces for recipe name, who gave you the recipe, number of servings, cooking time, preheat temperature and recipe.”

It is time to write out our five favorite recipes to share in our letters to family and friends.   One of our Call to Action for the month of May is to actually write them out and send.   It could include a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe!

When I think of the classic recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies – it includes baking soda, and found this photo from circa 1908 to be of interest.  Attribution:  Arm & Hammer Soda photo shown upper left “By Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Thank you for spending the week with me on our recipe cards to share.   For my closing thoughts here is my Recipe for our Call to Action:   take one blog reader, and combine reading blog posts from May 11 – 17, and stir in excitement for completing the Call to Action.  Yields: a minimum of one happy recipient of their sharing for years to come!

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