Chuck Yeager & First Supersonic Flight Stamp

Today finds us celebrating Chuck Yeager & First Supersonic Flight Stamp commemorating the October 14, 1947, fantastic achievement.   You are already probably thinking of the 1983 movie “The Right Stuff”.

“Chuck” Yeager became the first pilot to break the sound barrier.”   This past February he turned 93!

First Supersonic Flight Stamp

The image shown upper left is the 1997 U.S. Stamp – 32¢ Commemorating the First Supersonic Flight.

The reason he is not included in the stamp is because:
“In accordance with USPS guidelines that living persons can not appear on a stamp, neither Yeager’s name nor his image could be part of the stamp design.”

Over at describing the stamp:

“The first day ceremony for the stamp, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the flight, took place at the Air Force Base where the historic event happened. The stamp includes microprinting for security. With a magnifying glass, “X-1” can be seen on the horizontal stabilizer on the tail and a row of three “USPS” is above the wing. Another microprinting caused controversy because on the nose of the plane is written “Glamorous Glenna” a misspelling of Yeager’s plane “Glamorous Glennis.”

Image from – Autographed First Day Covers – First 100. There are two options  – Numbered and Not numbered.  The site also has a Stamp Set available.

At his website, it includes Autographed First Day Envelope Covers 

Back on February 20th my blog post on the  Project Mercury Stamp including referencing the movie “The Right Stuff”.

At the Right Stuff Store on his website, it includes this in the description about the movie DVD:  “See General Yeager® in The Right Stuff (1983) Chuck Yeager® did all the flying in The Right Stuff and plays the bartender while Sam Shepard plays Chuck Yeager®.”

Here’s a YouTube from THE RIGHT STUFF Chuck Yeager (Sam Shepard) breaks The Sound Barrier.

As we head into the weekend,  go ahead – round up the popcorn and make plans for The Right Stuff if you are looking for an uplifting movie and enjoy!   

Anchors Aweigh,   


First Supersonic Flight Stamp Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing

Image shown upper left & excerpt – U.S. #3173 1997 32¢ First Supersonic Flight stamp. @USPSStamps @USPS

Excerpt – Arago Postal Museum Supersonic Flight stamp  @GenChuckYeager

YouTube THE RIGHT STUFF Chuck Yeager (Sam Shepard) breaks The Sound Barrier.  SpaceTimeExplorer  Published on Nov 26, 2013 blog post: Project Mercury Stamp February 20, 2016 by Helen Rittersporn

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