“Letters from Katrina” book

On this Thursday morning, we are looking at the 2007 book – Letters from Katrina”.  The official title is “Letters from Katrina: Stories of Hope and Inspiration” by Mark Hoog (Editor), and Kim Lemaire (Photographer). 

First, let’s begin with this summary quote.

“Presents photographs of and drawings, letters, and quotations from Mississippi children who lived through Hurricane Katrina as well as pictures of and letters from students in Colorado and California who became pen pals with them.” 

“Letters from Katrina: Stories of Hope and Inspiration”

In ordering my own copy of the book earlier this morning, I’m happy to find copies available listings at alibrisMy order from Amazon has me anticipating delivery for its arrival sometime in the next two weeks.  

Here is a partial excerpt from the publisher.

This project began in the spring of 2005 when students in one elementary classroom in Colorado were asked to participate in a unique book drive for the children along the gulf coast. … Through their words of hope, inspiration and friendship they have reached out to inspire their friends throughout Mississippi to believe that life is still without limit. …This elegant coffee table book illustrates the difference each of us makes when reaching out to others in need. …”

Recalling my blog post on Preparedness and Mobile Letter Writing Kit

My letter writing yesterday included talking about monitoring Hurricane Irma, the approaching Category 5 storm. In preparing in case of evacuating, I’m reminded of my post on Preparedness and Mobile Letter Writing Kit from 2016 anticipating Hurricane Matthew. That was post #588, today is daily blog post #925!  Here is the link to the 12-page 2017 FEMA How to Prepare for a Hurricane PDF document; you will want to download and print, filling it out to keep with you nearby.

In conclusion, here’s to being grateful for having the Weather Channel to watch!

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