Red Vintage Typewriter Music Box

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Red Vintage Typewriter Music Box
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On this Saturday we are having whimsical fun with this Red Vintage Typewriter Music Box! I’m trying to recall the last time I had a music box; to find one with a typewriter to go along with letter writing theme is fun to discover.

Earlier this week we were looking at the Typewriter Yesteryear Themed Desk Organizer by Molly & Rex.

“As music plays, treadle (teeter-totter) moves up and down just as it’s typing something.

The design has a drawer for putting in small jewelry and has a namecard holder. There is no battery – “… just wind up the spring by hand, and open the mini drawer, amazing!”

“The size is 7×4.2×3.4 inches.”

“Wind the spring, open the drawer and it plays the song “Fur Elise”

“While the music plays, the treadle moves up and down”

“Gently wind it clockwise for 1-2 circles then loose your hand (pls do not wind it too much or else it may hurt the music box)”

I’m trying to imagine how much fun this is going to be to have Cooper inspect it with his nose and all four paws wanting to help investigate!  

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Red Vintage Typewriter Music Box Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today for my daily blog post encouraging letter writing –

Alytimes Vintage Typewriter Music Box for Home/Office/Study Room Décor Decoration

AnchoredScraps letter writing post on the Typewriter Yesteryear Themed Desk Organizer by Molly & Rex, October 30, 2017.