Letter Writing Gift Idea – Creating & Enrolling in The Write Back Soon Club

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Letter Writing Gift Idea – Creating & Enrolling in The Write Back Soon Club
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On this Monday before Thanksgiving, today’s letter writing topic is about The Write Back Soon Club. Thank you to My Three Muses Debbie who was enthusiastically sharing with me a month ago about the very creative Anne Thompson Designs blog post we are looking at today; it is from October 13, 2017.

How apropos, I’ve been waiting to share today’s post until now during this week of Thanksgiving. Today is daily blog post #999 since launching my site AnchoredScraps!

Before we get started, Thank you to Mack Collier for a fantastic #Blogchat on Twitter last night!

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Here is the link to Mack’s blog post yesterday: How Do You Blog Every Day For 1,000 Straight Days?   At the top of that blog post, it includes Here’s the transcript for this #Blogchat!” <- There will be “tabs”, just tab over from “Overview” to “Transcript” to view chat in sequence.

The Write Back Soon Club

Image from Anne Thompson Designs – The Write Back Soon Club Welcome Letter

There is a wonderful post over at Anne Thompson Designs on The Write Back Soon Club. She goes into detail about how she found herself creating a fantastic gift for her two children and their two cousins last Christmas. Not only did it include personalizing the creation of their letter writing kits but also enrolling them in their own Write Back Soon Club!

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her Welcome Letter she created and included with each of their letter writing kits.  It includes:

“… Letters are special for many reasons. Anyone can write a letter, even kids. You don’t have to have your parents’ permission, or ask to borrow their phone or use a computer. You can sit down, and write to someone you’re thinking of without very much – if any – help.  Letters are a way to connect with someone. You get to share what you’re thinking and ask about them.” …

In her blog post, she shares “I found a couple of books about correspondence and gave one to each set of siblings to share. (here’s one, and another.)”

The books about correspondence she is referencing are: Write Back Soon! Adventures in Letter Writing by Karen Benke, from 2015; and also from 2015 – Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Handmade Correspondence, by Michelle Mackintosh. 

AnchoredScraps Daily Blog Post #999 Today!

Tomorrow’s post will be very special on the occasion of it being daily blog post #1000! Thank you for continuing to be on this daily blog post journey with me encouraging letter writing old-style correspondence.   As we wrap up today’s post, again, my sincere thank you to Debbie for sharing with me about today’s creative letter writing topic! See you tomorrow!   

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Letter Writing Gift Idea – Creating & Enrolling in The Write Back Soon Club Attribution & Thank you to the following I’m referencing today for my daily blog post encouraging letter writing –

How Do You Blog Every Day For 1,000 Straight Days? and Here’s the transcript for this #Blogchat!” November 19, 2017, by Mack Collier, @MackCollier.

Anne Thompson Designs October 13, 2017, post: The Write Back Soon Club. Images. Excerpt.

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