2018 Bioluminescent Life Forever Stamps

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2018 Bioluminescent Life Forever Stamps
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At the Post Office this past Saturday morning, I was able to purchase the 2018 Bioluminescent Life Forever Stamps; they came out last month. For Fun – if you would like to quiz yourself with your knowledge of what the 10 stamp images are, I’m including below the listing by row with descriptions.

2018 Bioluminescent Life Forever Stamps

We are kicking off the new week with these beautiful stamps! I’m going to have to go stock up on these as they are quickly becoming a new favorite of stamps for using with my letter writing.

“Bioluminescense – the ability of some living things to generate their own light – occurs on many branches of the tree of life. With this sheet of 20 stamps, the U.S. Postal Service® showcases 10 examples of Bioluminescent Life.”

The Bioluminescent Life Forever Stamps are sold in a pane of 20 stamps; they are not sold individually, so at 50 cents each $10 for the Commemorative Pane of 20 stamps.

Furthermore, from the Postal Bulletin Issue 22486, 2-1-18, Stamp Announcement 18-08: Bioluminescent Life Stamps:

“Bioluminescent Life stamps celebrate the phenomenon of bioluminescence — the ability of some species to glow — with a pane of 20 stamps featuring 10 life-forms that create their own light. The stamp images represent the work of some of the top explorers of the bioluminescent ocean realm as well as two terrestrial bioluminescent life-forms:

Row 1: deep-ocean octopus and midwater jellyfish, photos by Edith Widder.

Row 2: deep-sea comb jelly, photo by Edith Widder; mushroom, photo by Taylor F. Lockwood.

Row 3: firefly, photo by Gail Shumway; bamboo coral, photo by Edith Widder.

Row 4: marine worm and crown jellyfish, photos by Edith Widder.

Row 5: marine worm, photo by Steve Haddock; sea pen, photo by Edith Widder.”

If you are not finding the stamps at your local Post Office, they are available online at USPS.com. Enjoy!

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P.S. It is fine to also call them the ‘jellyfish’ stamps! 

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