Celebrating Patricks Place 2000 Consecutive Daily Blog Posts

Today we are celebrating an amazing milestone for Patricks Place 2000 Consecutive Daily Blog Posts! 

“Five years, five months and 23 days later, here we are with the 2,000th consecutive daily post.” – Patrick Phillips

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You’ll enjoy reading his post today. “What has made it easier — actually, what has made it possible — is the combination of topic buckets and theme days.”

In addition, I’m including this link to his recent interview on The Blog You Want in the Time You Have podcast with Scott Winterroth, he shares WordPress origins story. We first met Scott when I blogged about My First Guest Podcast Appearance on WordPress Blogging back in April.

Patrick Phillips is a regular #blogchat participant on Sunday evenings on Twitter.  In my first AnchoredScraps blog post, I mention #blogchat on Twitter with Mack Collier hosting.

We both use Feedblitz for our email subscribing service!

Thank you for joining me today as we have been Celebrating Patricks Place 2000 Consecutive Daily Blog Posts – Congratulations Patrick!

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The Blog You Want In The Time You Have, Episode #15

Today is AnchoredScraps consecutive daily blog post #1,218! Here are some other bloggers we have previously featured achieving fantastic blogging milestones!


We are en-route to AnchoredScraps daily blog post #2000 on August 17, 2020!


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