Backup Loretta Backups In General

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Backup Loretta Backups In General
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My creative title today is Backup Loretta Backups In General. For some reason, the song “Get Back” recorded by The Beatles always comes to mind for me. The play on words of “Get back, Loretta” from their 1969 song helps me when thinking of running my backups – perhaps it will help you too.

In addition, in Stephen Covey terms we would call running our backups in general as a Quadrant 2 activity. It is not urgent but it is important; I’ll have more on Q2 later in this post.

The Importance of Backups In General

I’ve spent a great deal of time today overhauling my backup strategy and services for my AnchoredScraps website. The technical support over at GoDaddy where I have my shared hosting was exceptional.  Rather than write a TLDR (too long; didn’t read) about it, the net is I’m having daily full backups now running. In addition, I’m able to on-demand backup my key files using FTP and can store on an external 3T hard drive to my heart’s content. Yes, backups to the backup to the backup.

What does all this have to do with letter writing?

In parallel to my technical backups for this daily letter writing blog, I’m mindful of there being key files with my mobility.

I’m stressing the importance that we each please make the time to even email to ourself key information. When was the last time you took your smartphone and physically backed it up so if all those photos on it, or names and addresses have a copy?  Of course, we have the cloud, I just like having physical access to my own file. This is from thinking of part of hurricane evacuation planning and the possibility that sometimes there could be no access to the cloud.

Revisiting Stephen Covey’s Quadrant 2

From my blog post: Making time for Quadrant 2 (Covey) 10-20-2015

Q2: Non Urgent but Important – Exercise, Vocation Planning.  “These are the ones he believes we are likely to neglect; but, should focus on to achieve effectiveness.”   You can identify small goals to help achieve this and focus and make sure to include and not procrastinate.”

Furthermore, here are links to two previous blog posts over the course of three-plus years writing my blog each day encouraging letter writing. They were focusing on the importance of backups:  Making Time for Letter Writing Addresses Backups 6-04-2018, and Plan B (Backup planning) 8-21-2015.

Now is the time to take action! Think of it as making a time investment in yourself. I’m off to get the USB cable to connect my android to my laptop.

Screenshot from YouTube of “THE BEATLES~ GET BACK ~Rooftop Performance 69′ Split Screen[HQ]”

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P.S. Today is blog post #1,289 celebrating letter writing!


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