Upcoming WordCamp Wilmington 2018 is two weeks away!

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Upcoming WordCamp Wilmington 2018 is two weeks away!
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The upcoming WordCamp Wilmington 2018 is two weeks away! It is our Third Annual event. The dates for WordCamp Wilmington, NC is September 22nd & 23rd, 2018.

With today being daily blog post #1,290 the timing is perfect to promote the upcoming WordCamp Wilmington 2018.

First, it is a delight to be a returning Organizer. Second, one of the areas of focus I am responsible for is our SWAG, think goodies. In addition, our navy tee-shirts for this year are fantastic and I’m looking forward to their debut at the event!

Upcoming WordCamp Wilmington 2018

If you have an interest in blogging the event is a wonderful way of introducing you to the basics.

Furthermore, there are four tracks: Beginners, Business/Marketing, Designers/Power Users, and Developers.

In parallel to writing my daily blog post here with my normal AnchoredScraps letter writing topics; I’ll be blogging at WordCamp Wilmington 2018 site about our amazing Sponsors and the upcoming event.

There are a limited number of $10-off each ticket coupons currently. Use code: 2018LEARNWORDPRESS

In conclusion, if you looking for an excuse to visit coastal North Carolina and have the benefit of attending a wonderful WordCamp please consider joining us.

If you are new to my blog this year, here’s a link to my post last year: AnchoredScraps WordCamp Wilmington 2017 Postcards (9-22-2017).  And from 2016, my post on WordCamp Speaking (12-16-2016).

Tomorrow we begin the countdown of the remaining ten posts to milestone #1300 daily blog posts here at AnchoredScraps.

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